Marine Simulation Systems
Mistral 4000

Mistral 4000 Product Line

Mistral 4000 is part of the marine simulators product line; based on COTS components the Mistral 4000 line offer modular and flexible solution(s) for any request, from desktop size to Full Mission Shiphandling replica simulators


Flexibility & Expandability

The Mistral 4000 can be linked to other simulations modules, in such way additional functions can be "plugged" into the basic system, making possible to expand and diversification the training possibilities

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COTS Based Technology

Each product is based on COTS "Commecial Off The Shelf" components
Our simulators are PC-based with the integration of custom made interfacing board(s) for low level hardware management
All the basic components can be found on the market
Spare parts or upgrading hardware is no more a problem



Mistral 4000 is a product line comply with the world-wide recognized marine standards IMO STCW 95

1Robotics Simulators are actually used by several world recognized Training Institution around the world, because the Mistral 4000 products are high performances systems with a life-time software support (see reference menu for more details or contact our Commercial Department)

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